Saturday, February 28, 2015

Plaid and "The Necklace" | OOTD

Hi Guys!
How are you all doing :)?

I'm doing great! Now I'm taking it easy at home and kinda treasuring these last nights at home ALONE ;) But more for that later.

Now it's time for another outfit of the day and of course thanks to Laura for all the photos again (and the necklace which is actually hers !) <3

I'm all about accessories. That's why couldn't resist when I saw this beauty.
I don't use them as much as I used to 
( referring to the time when I wore actual clocks as necklaces ) but I still place a huge value on all accessories.
We can change the whole outfit by adding a freaky necklace or/and funky shoes. Take this look for example and inspiration--> It's a basic jeans and blouse combination. But what's up with that necklace?! That takes it to the next level and makes it more interesting.
Jeans: Only
Crop top: Noisy May
Blouse: Ginatricot [similar here]
Cardigan: Noisy May 
Necklace: Ginatricot
Shoes: Vagabond [similar here]
Would you rock a huge necklace or other crazy accessories on a simple outfit?
 Leave a comment if you are up for the challenge ;) 
Hope that you are having an amazing weekend! 

And as always--> Join the club ;)